MORE Christmas Terror Tales: Spine-Tingling Holiday Chillers

The Grim Reaper is making a list and checking it twice, because terrible surprises lurk in the winter wonderland! Strange creatures hide in brown paper packages. Twin sisters hold tickets to a treacherous train ride. And mischievous elves stalk unsuspecting fishermen to pull them under the frozen surface of Mirror Lake. All season long, these tales of foreboding bargains, creepy cryptids, and sinister stocking stuffers will frighten and delight horror fans of all ages! Out Now!

Jimmy Chimaera & the Temple of Champions

When 12-year-old Jimmy Rourke travels to the Hydroverse, a watery universe nourished by streams of starlight, he becomes the Chimaera—a hero with the combined powers of the Animal Kingdom. To prevent the cataclysmic Big Freeze, Jimmy goes on a mission guided by Speck, a talking spider, and the mysterious sorceress Elane. Danger lurks in the Temple of Champions, the Council of animal ambassadors is divided, and it’s up to Jimmy to protect an endless ocean of life. Out Now!

Valentine Terror Tales: Scary Stories of Dark Romance

Presented as romantic precaution, these fourteen frightening tales of love gone awry will put the chill on any date night. From demons and monsters to criminals and creepy crawlies: nothing is deadlier than the human heart. For all those moments of relationship woe, these stories of treachery, mistrust, and blind passion will remind readers of all ages that singlehood is safety. Out Now!

Violet Black and the Curse of Camp Coldwater

Violet Black is the 13-year-old daughter of the world's most renowned paranormal investigator, and she's about to face the most terrifying ordeal of her young life: summer camp. Fitting in is hard enough, but when a campfire tale about an ax-wielding demon turns out to be more than fiction, Violet and her fellow campers have bigger problems. With help from her new friends Hector and Kelly, Violet's out to thwart the devious Happy Harry and become the most successful ghost hunter to ever enter 8th grade. Out Now!

Christmas Terror Tales: Stories to Enjoy from October through December

Sixteen gripping tales inspired by classical horror and urban legends twist holiday themes into chilling cautionary tales. A mischievous snowman frames the children who built him for its misdeeds. A haughty priest offers shelter to a hideous monster posing as an orphan. A father brings home a cursed Christmas tree resulting in a terrifying haunting experience for his family. From October through December, these stories of devils, spirits, murderers, monsters, and surprise twists will fascinate children and their parents. Out Now!

Jake Carter & the Nightmare Gallery

When 6th grade outcast Jake Carter meets the enigmatic Dr. Shade, his dreams become reality. Shade's miraculous technology grants access to the mental realm of the dreamscape, where anything is possible. Furthermore, Jake discovers that his long lost twin brother Luke has been serving as Shade's loyal protégé for the past seven years. Yet Jake and Luke's reunion is soured by the doctor's nightmarish agenda. Soon, protecting the world of sleeping innocents takes Jake on an adventure past the boundaries of imagination. Out Now!

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