Kevin M. Folliard’s middle grade fantasy adventure novel Jimmy Chimaera & the Temple of Champions is now available through in paperback and Kindle, with illustrations from J.T. Molloy!

When 12-year-old Jimmy Rourke travels to the Hydroverse, a watery universe nourished by streams of starlight, he becomes the Chimaera—a hero with the combined powers of the Animal Kingdom.

To prevent the cataclysmic Big Freeze, Jimmy goes on a mission guided by Speck, a talking spider, and the mysterious sorceress Elane. Danger lurks in the Temple of Champions, the Council of animal ambassadors is divided, and it’s up to Jimmy to protect an endless ocean of life.

February Kindle Giveaways!

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December 1st “The Wrong Coat” Reading at La Grange Library

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Look for new scary stories by Folliard in two 2016 anthologies:

• “Hour of the Owl” will be featured in Nosetouch Press’s Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales!

• “Ink” will be collected in Black Bed Sheet Books’ road trip themed Bumps in the Road anthology!

Kevin M. Folliard’s books can be purchased through as well as through select Chicago area retailers:

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